Sunday, August 29, 2010

Patriotism where it matters most! HOME!

Do you service your car?
Do you maintain your home on a regular basis?
When something in your home or car is not working properly, do you fix or replace it?
Do you like having a car and the luxury of not having to walk everywhere?
Do you like walls, doors, ceilings and floors and the luxury of not being exposed to the elements?
When these luxuries are not available, do you feel inconvenieinced, uncomfortable, or unsafe?

Do you believe that your freedoms and rights are in-fact free and automatically granted to you?
If every soldier in every branch of the Armed Forces of the US decided to take the day off, would you be afraid?
Would you wonder why soldiers are not upholding their end of the bargain to protect and defend our nation, and how they could do such a thing to their own kith and countrymen?
What if they were unavailable?

Do not take for granted the liberties that the soldier provides you. It is a luxury. Do not think lightly of the convenience of your life. It is a luxury. Do not believe that feeling safe and secure is a God given birthright. It is a luxury.

Your car will not run properly if you don't maintain it, pay attention to its needs, and fix whats broken. Your house will not keep you safe, control your climate temperature, and protect you from the elements if you do not maintain it, pay attention to its needs, and make needed repairs.
Your soldier will be unable to maintain your feeling of security, freedoms, and liberties if you do not maintain them, pay attention to their needs, and fix them when required. If you continue to ignore them, the luxuries they provide will no longer be an option. They are, and will continue to become unavailable without the attention they deserve.
You wouldn't neglect a leaking roof, or go on a road trip in a car with no gas and 5 dollars in your pocket!
Why do you neglect your soldier and send them to war under paid, downtrodden, and depressed? Why do you? Because you do not realize that they do not provide a service to this country, it is a LUXURY! Like walls...... and doors...... and floors.....